New campaign 2013

Luxembourg, truly good.

Discover Luxembourg's latest initiative to promote the Grand Duchy's quality of life.

The Film Project

10 short films about Luxembourg are being presented via this video platform. Each video clip represents one of the many diverse facets of this astonishing yet little known country. While clichés are being countered, you’re invited to find out why the only Grand Duchy in the world is worth a visit, an extended stay or a long-term investment. 

So watch the films, share them with your friends, download them and use them in order to present Luxembourg the way many inhabitants, visitors and investors experience the country today.


“ When I left this place many years ago to travel the world and work abroad, I would have never imagined to come back and reflect my perception of Luxembourg in a project like this. I found a country, that had changed beyond all of my expectations – in the most favourable way. This was the story to tell – and I hope, that in my own way, I have contributed to putting Luxembourg on the map, because… it is all true! ”

Thomas Neunreither, film director